I hope that this page will be enough to convince people why they need to build their own website and rely less on social media. First of all you must understand that people's internet property value is declining because of social media. It is so easy to use social media but do you realize that you are putting your content on someone else's property? You are making someone else rich because of your contributions. You do not own the site on which your content appears and you are being exploited by what I would describe as a "sophisticated forum" 

Do you want the web to be composed of only a few websites containing all the content in the world? If not, then you need to start putting greater value on the fact that you are able to own internet property and have full control over it. Buy your own domains and make your own websites. Spend more time on your website than you would on a social network. This is because these particular programmers who own websites (called social networks) have found ways to make themselves extremely rich by developing tools to encourage people to upload their content on their websites mostly for their own benefit and not yours. 

People must understand that these popular social sites do not have their own content and there is nothing special about them except for the fact that they have found a way to make use of everyone's contributions. It is all about money and nothing else! If you are going to use these social networks, then you need to find out which of these sites are giving you back something in return. Watch the video to see what I mean by all of this.


I cannot give you a list of where and how to do this but what I can give you is a way to discover whether or not some site is benefitting the power of your own site from a technical perspective. Find out about the most valuable networks and use the tools I mentioned on that page to judge them. 

We should also remember that even if we have used a network and we have discovered a way to exploit it that their rules can change at any time. The best thing to do is to spread your wings around the net in as many ways as possible to bring value to your own website.

I am aware that this website could be built a lot better than it is but I am not worried right now about website design. My concern is that this site contains useful content. Everything you see here is original content. I have not copied anything from anyone. There is a huge disadvantage right now for new website owners who just started out. Let me explain this by showing you a multimedia presentation on the power of link juice. There is a massive difference between working on a page rank zero site and a site that has high page rank. It does not matter about the quality at all. A site with high page rank can have extremely poor quality but it will beat a new site that has better quality for popular search terms.


I personally do not believe that this system will change for a very long time. If it changes dramatically it will mean that the most powerful websites are going to become less powerful. No! This system will remain in tact for quite a while because it is one of the main reasons why certain websites/networks are now as powerful as they are. 

I personally believe that many people will perceive that it has changed but to be honest with you I really think that it is just hype. I could be wrong about all of this but that does not matter because my main message on this page has to do with why you should build your own website. You can own your own website and no matter how bad you think it is, you can always sell it to someone later one.

I believe that social networks can bring people to our sites but there is something you need to know about them. You won't find out unless you use the tools that I mentioned earlier on this page. You need to spend some time figuring out how it all works and when you do, it might hit you like a bombshell. 

If you don't understand all of this it is OK. My advice is to own your own sites, work on your own sites and cherish your own website (which is your property) more than anything else. I believe if you do that, then you won't go wrong. That is my advice and I don't normally give advice. Good luck to you, whoever you are! Thanks for reading to the end of this page and respecting it's value. Don't forget to remember the name of this site which is a question mark.. who is bid?