I am going to tell you as my reader right now that you probably don't need a sophisticated website analysis program and that is because you currently do not know how to interpret your own website statistics in a meaningful way. Maybe you are using Google Analytics but I must confess to you that I have never really used Google's website analysis programs. I have access to Google's analysis of this site through my PPC account and what is plain to me is that Google considers some traffic to our sites to be natural and some of it unnatural. I believe that they have set filters in place to decide what is real and what is not. This is why some people might want to use their PPC program to see what they consider to be traffic. You can see what Page Views they are counting. I don't care about making money from PPC programs. I am using them to learn. I don't want you to click on my ads. If I did, then I would position them more strategically and I would not be writing about this topic because this subject does not really earn people money. I don't think that their programs are 100% perfect and so it is probably wise to use other programs as well to determine what is actually happening to your website. Those who run internet scams will probably know a lot more about this than most of us and there are things going on right now that most people are ignorant about. Don't you know that driving traffic to your site is a multi-billion dollar industry? It is called the SEO INDUSTRY! If you don't want escape from those "seo gangs" then you will need to firstly admit that you did not spend enough time learning how to read website statistics. Watch the next video because it could be describing you.


I have just taught my viewers something rather incredible. I am now talking about my own video production on my own website. If someone wants to copy this text and use it somewhere else it is going to be meaningless unless they are using my media productions. Can you see how this is working? I have just given someone a bright idea. Can you figure it out? If you cannot figure it out then you can always find out where I am and ask me what this is really all about. It is quite easy to find me because you only have to do a search for "whoisbid" on Google. There are ways to communicate with me but they are not on this website.


If you are using a "simple" website analysis program like the Webalizer or AW STATS then I am going to show you something that many of you have probably not been looking at. You have to watch the video in order to know what really is important right now. Look for the number 11,985 because what that number relates to is EXTREMELY important for you if you are trying to maximize your internet exposure. There is of course something else and this is something that cheaters don't think about. What is it? It is the number 2679. I am sorry I won't spell it out to you in this text because I need to make sure that my viewers are paying attention. If you are not paying attention then you will not be getting any tips and tricks from this site. So what about 2679? Well it is about something that search engine companies are very aware of. You cheaters can be caught doing what the video below is describing? What is it describing exactly? Well, you have to watch it to find out. Do you really think these people are going to get away with what they are doing? Maybe they are right now but there will come a time when it is going to be very difficult.


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Plus One Button Popularity and start conducting your own research. I am not going to conclude anything for you because that makes my site less valuable. I have answers for you but it is not a good idea to give anyone a list. Why is this? Well, the next video presentation by whoisbid explains why. If you want to get answers from me then you have to pay attention to what this page is teaching you. If you discover something then you will understand why backlinks are not the be all and end all of your success.