Maybe you are wondering who on earth is that strange figure with the yellow shirt and serious look about him? Well, he is my Avatar. If you came here simply looking to find one of the more popular flow measurement portals then then the video below might help.


If you are not sure what an Avatar is then you can always take at the history of MMORPG you can read about advanced interaction by some of the more interesting ways an Avatar is used.. On the other hand we can probably start of with some kind of flow meter that can be bought by anyone who would like to know how much liquid they are drinking out of a reservoir and how much is left. If you are on a long hike and are concerned about running out of water or fulfilling previously planned personal hydration goals, then you might be interested in installing a water gauge by connecting it to the tubes that are being used to consume the water.


My guess is that that a large percentage of the general public will come to a greater understanding of volume and flow through a tube being metered by an electronic device using these kinds of products. 

Some of us might be more familiar with the peak flow meter. This device allows air flow through the lungs to be gauged and works by a principle of positive displacement. The following video gives some good tips for people who are unsure about how to actually use the peak meter properly.


Those familiar with engine mechanics might know about the MAF or Mass Air Flow meters and in the following video we get to see how the meter is inserted into the air line. This flow meter is actually using a very commonly used and reliable principle based on thermal techniques call hot wire anemometry.


More details of how the hot-wire flow meter actually works reveal that there is  correlation between the change in temperature and the flow rate. The following video gives an excellent explanation on hot wire measurement principles.


Of course this page cannot possibly cover all the different types and applications for flow meters and people interested to know more can always visit Flow Meter specialist sites.