What prompts me to write about this question is the fact that I have been listening to all of you. The way that I listen my not be entirely common but it is most definitely a form is listening. Many people keep coming here and asking "Am I a Salesman?" My inspiration to the answer comes from successful salesmen themselves. Some of them are extremely successful and were happy to give a better definition of what a salesman actually is. You will not find these people normally conducting sales seminars because they are too busy selling their own products and services. If you are able to fascinate some of these people. it might be possible that they would actually give you the time of day and teach you their craft. How would you be able to fascinate these men? You first have to watch the video below which answers the "Define a Salesman" question.


The fascination comes for them when they see someone else that reminds them of themselves. Maybe it is a younger person trying to be a salesman. Maybe is someone their own age or and older professional who managed to "Earn the Right" to their ear. Where am I getting this information from? I am certainly not getting it from Academics who need salesmen! 

One of the reasons why these salesmen are successful is because they managed to teach it to me and I have never forgotten what they have said. This tells you something about their capability to persuade and inspire others and some of the greatest do not need to have a large corporation backing them. They do not worry about job security because they can work on a commission only basis if they want and can sell anything from soap made from Palm Oil, to  wing flutter solutions for aeropsace, laptop carry bags , scented candles, engineered plastics and even original websites. These men will stand on their own two feet and sell themselves to you. The most advanced of them all know about zero budget marketing and can create something from absolutely nothing. Some of them taught me their 5 points. Do you want to know what was burned  into my very fabric? You have to watch the following sales video to know that. They taught me these 5 points of sales. They succeeded because I remembered it and have never forgotten.


Of course, we can go much further than this and talk about other issues which have to do with the MAN. What is the "MAN?"

1. Money

2. Authority

3. Need

It is possible that your client needs your goods and services but they do not have the money to pay for them. It could also be true that certain people cannot see value in something, even if they would benefit from it. If you truly believe that your products and services will benefit your client then you will realize that they have lost money because they did not listen to you. The good salesman will make a decision whether or not to try again. Sometimes good solutions are refused because the company the salesman is selling to is corrupt and not making decisions based on what will benefit the company but individuals are simply their own pockets and giving business to their friends who sell inferior products and services. The best thing is to learn to recognize this when it happens and move on.

You eventually need to have someone with some kind of authority either place a purchase order on you or tell someone to sign up with your company. Sometimes a sales is prevented because salesmen have been visiting the wrong people. Some large Corporations these days like to give big titles like "Vice President" of this department or that department etc . but in actuality those titles mean nothing and you have to do some investigation to find out who is actually at the end of the food chain.

It is so obvious that in  order to sell your goods and services your customer must have a need. They might need your goods and services but it is possible that they do not want them because they do not yet understand. In this case, you will have to create a need. One technique used in "need creation" is raising doubts in your client's mind and this can be done politely by asking the right questions. 

Experienced salesmen no longer need any kind of training course. They have already gone through the motions and have lost and won sales and they learn new things from their own experiences. Each good salesman will have his own story to tell and those who research their business are invaluable. Those who want to get the best sales training in the world would probably do best by working with successful salesmen and learning from them. This means that you will be a junior salesman and your job will actually be your training ground.

A good salesman can benefit from the internet. The internet does not make someone a good salesman. If you are able to be found on search engines and people visit your website to contact you, then that helps amplify your capabilities. It is important for sales people to have an internet presence because if they are better than their competitors and are able to reach more clients, then they will be able to take away business from clients who were buying or using inferior products and services.