Don't you think it would be incredible if you owned the Domain name Goggle.com? Why am I saying this? Just take a look at what it is worth according to an automatic website worth checker. What website gives these sorts of estimates? Apparently there are so many of them and they are all telling us something similar. If you are curious about the one I used to check the value then simply watch the video. You can go to that site yourself and spend some time doing some research on domain name value.


We all know that these checkers are designed simply to give estimates and values could be more or less depending on factors which the calculators do not know about. Where did I get this information? Well, you have to visit that site by typing in the url. If you watch the video you will know exactly where to go and why you should be bookmarking it!

Today I created a new Avatar called Goggle. Are you interested to know what he looks like and what he is up to? Well, there is the true Goggle Avatar and the followers of Goggle. The Goggle is the one who is still winning. We need to find out why Goggle is th winning, don't we?  If you watch the video you will see that the true Goggle appears first and last. The Greeks knew how to make something important by using symbols of beginning and end like Alpha and Omega and most people don't need to study ancient hellenistic literature to determine this. No! It is is simply common sense. The ancient Hebrews had a similar system of Aleph Tav and I believe that people in Israel will understand the implications and what it symbolizes. Even those for formerly used latin would know because of the usage of Dominum. Go and check with Wikipedia on the definition of Dominum and then find out who has most dominion right now in the sphere that you operate in. If you are operating in Domain Names then you should know the connection between the Latin Dominum and the domain name that currently has the most power and authority.

Nowadays we don't use the English language in the way that our ancestors used their languages. I actually believe that although we have advanced technology it does not mean that we are superior to those who came before us. 

If we were to give the highest importance to a figure called Goggle, then we would say that Goggle is the A to Z. So, in order to understand the multimedia presentation you must take a careful look at who appears first and last -for that character is the one that is most important in the story. It does not matter if you don't see him in the middle. No! The point is that he made his entrance and his exit be known to all. I consider Goggle to be the winner. if you see some other information in the video giving you the idea that Goggle is something else, then please understand that you missed the point. 


Do you know that it is possible to speak to people using images? Do you think that a computer is intelligent enough to see what someone is saying through what the Greeks would term as παραβολή? 

The idea that computers will ever become intelligent enough to decipher what is between an intelligent person's ears is absolutely ridiculous. If you think that they could ever come close to it, then why can't they understand hieroglyphs?  You may be curious to know whether or not we should be training people to write for machines to understand or for  people to comprehend? You see there is an argument going on with bloggers who feel that it is not good for them to have to be forced to write in such a way that machines will give credit to them. They feel that computers should not be so harsh on them for not including particular words in their articles. They don't want to write stories for machines to pick up but for their human readers.  I have some recommendations for these people. It has to do with something that the ancient egyptians managed to master and it had to do with imagery and symbolism. Watch the next video and see the simple way they communicated. Notice the number of bird symbols being used. Maybe you thought the video was a joke and of course it could be the case. There is also another possibility that has to do with the fact that intelligent beings have their own methods of encrypting messages to others while at the same time appearing to be giving a  very simple message which everyone believes they understand. If we believe this, then the video is not a joke.



You see Goggle is the winner because he is giving a message using imagery and the machines do not understand what he is saying. Only cognizant people with a sense of humour and some kind of understanding of what is actually going on will appreciate Goggle's message. Goggle will manage to get truth through to some people and that is why Goggle is still winning!