Most people already know what Wikipedia is and on Wikipedia there is a page devoted to What is Wikipedia

The reason I am writing about this is because I recently saw something about using Wikipedia as part of your backlinks SEO strategy. I personally think that doing this could be a waste of time and  any good SEO company from India, China or the United States should know that the links on Wiki are using the no follow attribute

There are also people who have been scraping websites including Wikipedia as part of their website development. I also think that this is now a waste of time too because search engines are apparently trying to tighten up and promote websites with unique content as opposed to copy cats. I can understand why people might resort to these methods and my feelings are that people are always looking for an easy way to make money on the web whether it is on websites or social networks. The other day I declared myself the "Expert on Social Media" on Twitter because I now have over 10,000 followers. I did it for fun but I also produced an entertainment video with a serious message to those who really think that the most of MLM companies have anything real to offer.

Now that I have provided you with the answer that you may of been looking for I have a question that Wiki has not been able to answer. It is about another kind of SEO strategy which seems to be bothering certain non biased (not working in a business related to the topic) academics who are trying to update a certain section of Wiki with something more truthful and objective but are not able to, simply because the Wiki Page has been taken over by countless others who work for a certain company. What I am saying is that some people would like certain parts of Wiki to be more relevant and unbiased but they find that it is impossible to make the information stick because there are large numbers of people patrolling those sections who work for a business that depends on certain definitions and terminology making sure that they never succeed.  I know one of the answers is to post to Google Knol  but maybe another answer would be for Wiki to display Pay Per Click to allow everyone a chance to have their say even if they have to pay for it. What do people think about this? I am curious to know.