Selling mass market wine brands is highly competitive on the internet and I am sure that there are plenty of websites offering low cost wine. I have written before about specialist topics and I believe that someone making websites about rare wine will obviously have to know what they are doing. Not everyone in the world is going to be searching for a Cheval Blanc from Saint Emilon, a Mouton Rothschild from Pauillac or a Romanee Conti from Burgundy. If these are keywords that the general public are not rolling off their tongues every day of the year, it means that these items are special. There are of course even more expensive wines and just how much they are going to be worth today can be seen by visiting a wine auction website.


                 Are you looking for a Petrus in Pomeral, Bordeaux?

The main reason I am writing about this business is actually because of whiskey. I was quite surprised to find out that a friend of mine had suddenly started to invest in old whiskey which he bought at USD 3000 per bottle. What was he doing with it? Well, he was simply storing it and waiting. He was pretty sure that it would only take a few years make a profit. Who was he? He was just a successful businessman who had some cash to spare and felt it was not exciting to simply leave all of it in the bank earning at a low interest rate.

What I personally find interesting about wine is that you can buy common wines by the bottle and make a reasonable profit selling them by the glass if you own a half decent restaurant. You can't expect your everyday family restaurant to be stocking French Premium wine like Petrus in Pomerol or Chateaux Margaux from Bordeaux but you might find that your run of the mill restaurant might have a spare bottle of Dom Perignon, Hermitage La Chapelle or Chave Hermitage.

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                                NEW YORK WINE COMPANY

If you have never looked into the wine market, it might be interesting to know that the world's largest wine company is Constellation Brands Inc New York. The United States is already a huge wine market but there are now many other countries who have not traditionally embraced wine tasting now into a serious mass market and even premium wine business.

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Mass market wine can be bought almost anywhere. You will probably notice that a lot of them are competing on price. You can still make a good profit getting these wines sent to you by temperature controlled shipping containers and afterwards find a suitable place that is cool enough to store them. If you are then selling mass market wine by the bottle through the internet it is going to be extremely important for your websites or shopping sites to be highly visible on the internet. If you are thinking about getting into this in 2011, you might want to consider how much competition you are going to face and whether or not you can sell your wine stock quickly enough.

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                                 SPECIAL WINES BIDDING

There is also another option if you simply can't get away from the internet wine business. This is what I would call special wines. The audience you serve are probably going to know about the value of the Chateau Grillet in Rhone and the Hospices de Beaunne - Burgundy

I am pretty sure there are tons of people in the world who have been sitting on special wine who might want to suddenly get rid of them for a good price due to financial reasons or because you now have other passions. If you want to post here about it, just go head. In fact, I welcome anyone in the wine business to mention what you are selling and the website link to your wine selection