Most of us know that the ENGLISH LANGUAGE might have different words or sentences to describe the same thing. Take for example the word "BID" - you can come up with many variations such as bids, bidding, bidders, auction, offer, tender, press, invite etc. If you are trying to target something it might be helpful to use a tool which will automatically give you all kinds of variations of the subject you are targeting. You might be surprised too that the internet thrives on bid and auction related subjects.

These programs may not be perfect because they cannot think like a human being does but they are certainly useful. You can use these programs to jolt your brain to think about variations on words so that when you actually get to make your site pages you might want to increase your chances of being found by not just one word. Lets take for example the word BID.  


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This information we are displaying is compliments of an online program called the VISUAL THESAURUS This is not the only program you can use but its a good start. You simply enter the WORD you are concerned about and it will give you suggestions on related subjects

              word expansion

                  Using automated thesaurus to expand word ideas

If you believe that some of the words given to you by these automated programs are useful and relevant you can always jot them down and think about doing things on your page using the alternative words. Sometimes it is problematic because it may slow down the way that you write because it is actually unnatural to write like this.

However, millions of content writers have been forced to write in such a manner where variations of the words have to be used. This may even involve singular and plural variations of the same word e.g BID and BIDS. So, if you want to be an effective content writer it may be necessary for you to get used to writing articles on particular subjects while at the same time being conscious of a need to use variations of the same word. As mentioned earlier, these programs are not perfect and it is probably a good idea to use pen and paper to jot down other words which you believe relate to the subject of interest.

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                       It is a great advantage to be bi-lingual

There are so many people these days looking for easier and softer ways but if you have experience building sites that attract visitors you will know that the content needs to be interesting but also able to trigger search tools to index your pages through multiples buzz words. Unfortunately a lot of web masters won't be interested in doing this kind of work because it requires a lot of time and effort.  If you have been employing a web master to do your company site but are not seeing your pages being found by any generic search terms related to your business you will need to take over this portion of the work to yourself. It is very very rare that you will find a web master that is truly SEO. Normally these skills are separate. 

                                      PALM OS OR PALM?

Even with the advancements in search technology it is still possible for someone who is targeting a particular subject to be caught in an irrelevancy trap. If for example you are in the palm tree business and your site is very small and you get linked from sites selling Palm OS it could be possible that you get bunched/indexed alongside a whole bunch of sites that have nothing to do with your business. Using other words for your pages may help the search tools increase relevancy e.g Palm Trees, Palm Seeds, Oil Palm, Palm Oil, Palm Plantations, Palm Oil Refineries, CPO, crude palm oil etc. Pictures can also be very helpful. Make sure that the pictures you use are not copied from somewhere as this could send an alarm to the search powers that be that you are copying from someone else. See one of our many articles on IMAGE SEARCH

                                           YOUR GOALS

Some people want to get tons of traffic to their site while others want to target particular things. People need to think deeply about their audience and what they want to achieve. There are lots of people who have made the mistake of building traffic to a website that is irrelevant. Although you may of impressed your client - you may not really be helping their bottom line. Unfortunately there are plenty of businessmen who neither have the time or the patience to understand these things. These men can be fooled by impressive statistics showing a lot of visitors to a site but they may not be aware that these visitors are not their target audience.  Some American businessmen have a habit of throwing large sums of money into meaningless marketing holes thinking that the more money they throw at something, the more returns they are going to have . It can be frustrating when you see these men throwing money at deceptive web marketing companies in the same manner as throwing cash at a go go dancer. Finding good clients is important for your future if you are building special sites for people because if the client does not understand how you are benefitting him with the "sweat of your brow" you may find that you are giving something very valuable to a client - but they remain ignorant and unaware. Then your efforts become meaningless to them.