There is a Directory that has been forgotten by many. There are arguments going on about whether or not you should spend the money to list in the Yahoo Directory.

If you are a businessman with a budget and are looking for ways to get more exposure, you should not ignore a Directory like Yahoo.  If I have already convinced you then go immediately to Yahoo's own submission page and sign up at the  YAHOO DIRECTORY SUBMIT

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Selling an iPad is going to be common sales & does not require the sales force to know anything more than it's functions and specification. Maybe being friendly might also help get a sale. Even though this device is high tech, it has become so popular that we probably don't want to classify it as Specialist Industrial. I am not talking about trying to sell things like this. 

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If you are a businessman looking for some other kind of help and you are in a specialist business, there are specialist sides of SEO that most people are not aware of. It is a kind of SEO that is targeting a particular group of individuals who speak another language. It could be the language of science, engineering, oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and other industries that require more than one skill set to be effective. What I mean is that your consultant needs to be familiar with the lingo and how that industry works.

 If you are in this industry, you should seek out these specialist industrial SEO's because they are not going to have a problem understanding what is required. If the SEO working on your project is able to spend a few hours/weeks or even months immersing himself in the technical aspects of your products/services he is going to be one of your most valuable assets. You may even want to pay him a monthly retainer just to keep him interested. This kind of work needs to be done by technical people and experienced people in these fields are not going to be selling you some magical SEO package or service for 50 bucks if they understand what the going rate is. If you are in this industry and are wondering why you can't more exposure it is because you are not investing enough money into the Industrial SEO Machine. Some of these rare SEO's are going to want between 5K to 25K just for a few links from their powerful websites. CPM for these industries is much higher than most of the rest. If you don't understand this concept, please take a look at the CPM for industrial machinery. 


If you came to this page and have been spending enormous amounts of money getting your products listed in "particular" industrial portals or even Directories  but see no real ROI, you will need someone to monitor not just your website, but also where you are going to advertise. If you are a professional, you won't have the time to get into industrial SEO because that is not what you are about.

 What deception am I talking about? Well, there are many! Let me point out one of them. Let's say that you sell something similar or related to one of the images on this page. Do you want your products to be listed on a portal page with 100 others selling the same thing? Of course you don't! But that is what is actually going on with many of these high PR portals. Who told you to do that? Did your marketing staff tell you? Maybe those people have a string of qualifications but do they know what really is required? Who cares if certain portals have 5K of visitors per day? What you want is increase in sales for your products and your company. You are not going to care about the mechanics of it all. What you want is to see the bottom line increase and your advertising money go as far as possible! You are not going to want to join SEO blogs and discuss the most recent nonsense regarding search engine ranking or the emergence of Web 2.0

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Somewhere in an Oil Refinery- something unique is going on. No-one cares unless they are in touch with it. Am I correct or not? Are these subjects going to be the latest buzz? Not likely! Where are all those people who need these things and how can we reach them? An industrial SEO should know the answer to this!


If you are one of those people who is competing with much larger industrial websites for the same thing, you won't stand much chance on the net if you do not have enough exposure. You know this and you are so willing to get out your wallet and give money to certain people who you believe are going to increase this exposure. The problem that you may have is that you are never really sure that these companies are actually doing anything for you, or whether all your business is from the power of your own direct sales. Lets say you are pumping 500K a year into a marketing machine run by your own people, but your turnover is only 10M. Is it worrying you if you see that your profit margins are eroding every year and advertising costs increasing? You would like to know what would happen if you got rid of your left arm and saved 300K wouldn't you ? Well, there is no need to do that if you either have 1. A trustworthy Industrial SEO taking a look at where traffic is actually coming from or 2. You spend time learning how to read your website statistics yourself. I say this from experience because many successful businessmen do not have the time to spend becoming experts in these matters. No, they are already experts in their own field and what they want is a more powerful marketing conduit to pass leads to them for a technical sales team to follow up.