What is zero budget marketing? Well, it is when you don't pay money to marketing companies to spread your message. I am sure that most marketing companies don't like this idea but it should be discussed because it is a growing practice on the internet and probably the main reason why many people are on social networks. The other reasons are most likely to be wine, women and song. What is being social anyway? A good example is people going to a public bar. Why do they do want to go to a bar? Most likely they want to get laid or drunk and possibly both. Yes! Getting into someone's pants and being intoxicated is considered to be normal social behavior for many. If you have not seen the following movie it is about a social network but there is something interesting at the end about competing. Yes! it is also a competition. You would have to watch the whole movie to understand what is going on and why someone wants to win a contest. Winning might become more important than wine, women and song at the end of the day and I believe that a competitive and enthusiastic spirit is the beginning of an advanced social network. Listen to the chorus of the song. It is telling us about survival or "staying alive" which is part of a competitive game. Any imaginatively fired up salesman should hope to dance like John in business don't you think? Watch John make his moves! He is out to sell in a social network environment and nothing is going to stop him or hold him back. I think that John Cleese and John Travolta are both top salesmen don't you? John Travolta is telling us "You should dancing...yeah!..." Surely marketing is something that should not be held back. No! You need to dim all the lights sweet darling and replace them with a multi-colored disco glare, turn up the volume and get down and boogie. Don't worry if your moves seem strange because it is the evidence that you are unique and guess how many people fell in love with John's Strange moves? Surely John is competing now with Elvis the Pelvis for top position in a social network. Go Johnny Go! 


                              REAL SOCIAL NETWORKING

Guess what! I have just given you access to a free marketing and sales training video!  Maybe now that we understand that competing is part of a social network we will understand why gamers on the net are probably the most advanced social networkers of all. These are the people who join chess clubs, stamp collecting groups and play online RPG's. You see, they are not looking for things that people look for in a bar. No! Many of them have gone through that already and they now have a valid interest in something that challenges them. Of course there are many other examples but I am using online games because it is something that the younger generation are familiar with and understand. Instead of condemning the younger generation we need to show them how advanced their gaming skills actually are if they can be harnessed to do something else e.g internet sales and marketing! Now I am going to talk about children and how we can learn from them.


Several decades ago children who had no internet access (because it did not exist) would spend hours upon end playing games like marbles, hopscotch, charades or maybe enjoy dressing up and playing roles. There is no difference between these activities and what we have right now for e.g online chess, online card games, role playing games, quests, puzzles and hobbies etc. Of course I could go on with a list longer than my arm. One my children currently likes Barney the Dinosaur while the other likes Thomas the Train. They want to be involved with these characters. When they get older they will not lose their love for these things unless someone tries to make them grow up (which is what someone might be teaching you to do). Maybe you don't understand what I am saying. I am not saying we should not be adult like. No! There is something called childishness and something else called being "childlike" and I believe that everyone who ever wants to find a social element needs to discover this. 


Most children who get together start playing games. They have fun and learn things at the same time. They interact with one another and they find this to be fulfilling. Children are social network experts and if you want to find out about zero budget marketing the best place to look will not be in a University or by reading articles about it on the internet. No! Spend some time in the playground and watch your kids play with others. Remind yourself about who you truly are. Think about what has happened to you in your life and how come now you are so screwed up and serious. What happened to you? Where is your inner child? Who cramped your style? Why did they do it? What are you going to do about it? The next video is inspirational and the movie shows you what you can do once you realize what they have done to you and how you need to get back into the ring and start playing the game again! The following is only a trailer and to get the maximum benefit you will have to buy the movie. 


I should write no further because the rest is up to you and I hope the movie inspires you because the people in this last movie had no past. Yes! Kind of similar to their childhood being stolen from them. How valuable is your childhood and what lengths will you take to get it back? Watch the movie and be inspired by someone else because someone might have stolen something from you and the worst thing is that no-one else else knows about it. You wake up one day and start to wonder how this came to be!